Our Neighborhood Pet Project was formed in January 2023 to provide service to the communities in South Monterey County, a rural area on the central coast of California.


Our mission: To reduce the number of unwanted litters in South Monterey County by providing access to free or low-cost spay/neuter services for dogs and domestic and feral cats. We also work with our rescue neighborhood partners to help animals in need of new homes.


We believe that the best solution to reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats is to provide access to low-cost spay and neuter for all residents in need.

Goodbye 2023, You Were 

Good to Us!

Reflecting on the close of 2023 left us with such a feeling of gratitude for all of the support we have received. We thought we'd start our little rescue and do a little at a time to help the animals and support our communities. We are so thankful that we have received so much help in return. 

Thank you donors for keeping us going. New organizations are not eligible for many grants and programs because they don't have a track record. We understand that, but to get to the point of longevity, we need to be able to pay our bills. Thank you for helping us do that.

We can't say enough about the tiny but mighty team we have in our corner. We brought in 410 rescue dogs and cats. We have fixed 1,043 animals in our community. Our rescue animals are not included in that figure, so over 1,453 animals will not be contributing to the overpopulation crisis in the state of California. Our goal remains steadfast: More spay/neuter!

400 Rescued in our first 

nine months!

We started out without putting forth any goals in terms of the numbers we would be able to help in our first year as a rescue. Starting a new organization was the goal itself. There have been stressful moments, but the journey so far has been so fulfilling. Every little face melts us and the team does everything possible to find solutions for each case. We work hard, but we are certainly rewarded with happy outcomes!

500 Community Spay/Neuters from March to September, 2023!

Thank you to all of our donors and supporters! We have hit the 500 mark! 500 community cats, owned cats, or owned dogs have been fixed in OUR NEIGHBORHOODS thanks to our voucher program. We provide access to areas that have historically had limited access to affordable services. Our volunteers transport, set up appointments, trap and facilitate in any way needed. Thank you to partner vets, especially Snip Bus, AFRP Clinic, and Pet Maintenance & Repair for providing low-cost services.

We need your help to do more! Donate today with our donate button. You can also click monthly to make it an automatic monthly donation. The bulk of our budget is going to spay and neuter.

200 Rescued in Four Months!

We are celebrating 200 animals rescued in four months, Mid-March to mid-July! Two hundred was more of a projected goal for our first year. We are so excited to have hit the mark much earlier than expected. We extend our appreciation to our fosters, adopters, transporters and partner rescues who help get these dogs and cats into new forever homes. Here's to the next two hundred!

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