We can pay to spay!

Our Neighborhood Pet Project (ONPP) offers a voucher program to assist residents of South Monterey County in accessing low-cost spay or neuter surgeries.   ONPP partners with local vets to find low-cost surgery options.  We use both mobile vet clinics such as SNIP Bus, as well as partner veterinarian offices.

To request service for your pet, you must be residing in South Monterey County (Chualar to the border of San Luis Obispo County line) and fill out the voucher application.  By completing a voucher, you are requesting that we help find a vet to perform the surgery and that ONPP pays the cost for the surgery. Except for TNR cats, owners are expected to be able to transport their pets to the surgery appointment.

If your pet needs medical attention other than spay/neuter, the cost is not covered by ONPP.  Many of the vets will provide vaccinations and microchipping at a low-cost if you add them on the day of spay or neuter. We do not schedule appointments or sponsor the cost of vaccinations.  We only work with owners who are reaching out for help with spay/neuter.

For low cost vaccinations only, please look up Protect Your Pet 831 on social media. Their mobile team has been coming to South County providing low-cost vaccinations and microchipping with no appointment required.

Saved from a street life

There are not enough fosters or rescues to fix the problem of kittens growing up in feral colonies in our county. Our solution is to sponsor the cost of spay/neuter and prevent more births. If your cats are feral click our TNR tab.

Sold in a parking lot

California shelters are overwhelmed. Look up this topic and the numbers are grim. Our goal is to help prevent more litters ending up as unwanted pets in our local shelters.

Left by momma

Many factors contribute to kittens suffering in our neighborhoods. We can't rescue our way out of the problem. The only thing that can stop the cycle is spay/neuter.